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As a creative and professional team, CDI Tech has been committed to designing and manufacturing a range of portable laser marking machines. With over 24 years of laser marking experience, we've accumulated a large knowledge base and customer portforlio, allowing us to work with a variety of products, materials, and applications. We are confident in our ability to provide you with high-quality portable laser marking machines. We're also able to offer customized laser marking solutions based on your specific requirements or businesses.
  • 24 Years' Experience
    • Strive for excellence
  • 3500m² Factory
    Production capacity
  • Unique Product
    First-class quality
  • Professional Team
    Strong R&D team
  • International Market
    50+ countries
30. June 2022
CH Laser Officially Releases Its Internal Magazine "Chuanghenger"

On July 1st, 2022, CH Laser released its internal magazine, Chuanghenger, for the first time. It will bridge the customers and the enterprise, promote the entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrate the company's development achievements, and enhance the enterprise's image, aiming to become a publication th

01. June 2022
EM-Smart Launches Its U.S. Warehouse, Providing a Faster Delivery Experience for All North American Customers

EM-Smart recently has taken a new step in cross-border e-commerce by officially launching "Overseas Warehouse Service". Becoming an "advantage" for cross-border sellers in China, overseas warehouses are playing a more prominent role amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

us warehouse.png
12. April 2022
How to use the Rotary Marking Function of EM-Smart Laser Marking Machine? (Part 2)

How to use the Rotary Marking Function of EM-Smart Laser Marking Machine?There are a couple of rotary marking functions in the EZCAD software, such as AngleRotate, MultiFile Mark, RotaryMark, RotateTextMark, RingMark, SplitMark... each of which has its own purposes and applications.

How to use the rotary marking function-封面.jpg


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With 24 years' laser industry experience, CDI Tech has been committed to designing and manufacturing portable laser marking machines as well as developing innovative laser solutions for a wide range of industries.



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