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Brand: EM-Smart          Model: One/Nova/Basic/Super/MOPA/PC          Power: 20/25/30/50/60W          Application: All Industries & Materials

EM-Smart PC - The Most Compact EM-Smart

The All-in-One Laser Engraving Solution

The EM-Smart PC is a high-performance fiber laser marking machine that offers exceptional precision and speed. With its compact design and build-in computer, this all-in-one machine is the perfect choice for businesses looking for a plug-and-play solution for their marking and engraving needs.
Whether you need to mark metal, plastic, or other materials, the EM-Smart PC can handle the job with ease.

Foldable, Portable, and Flexible


What sets EM-Smart PC apart from others in its class is its innovative foldable design and light weight of just 8.5kg. With its compact size and portability, you can bring the EM-Smart PC wherever it's needed, allowing you to mark items on-the-go with ease. Plus, its foldable design saves space and makes storage a breeze. Experience the ultimate flexibility and convenience of the EM-Smart PC today – the perfect solution for all your marking needs.

More Accessories Available

We're excited to offer additional purchase options for the EM-Smart PC – a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

With our high-quality monitor, you can easily visualize your marking projects in real-time and make adjustments as needed. The keyboard and mouse provide seamless control and navigation of the EM-Smart PC software, allowing you to create and edit designs with ease.

By offering these additional purchase options, we aim to provide customers with a complete solution to suit their specific requirements. Whether you need a portable marking machine for on-the-go tasks, or a more comprehensive setup for your workshop or factory, the EM-Smart PC has got you covered.

A Plug & Play Laser Engraving Solution

A Brand New Generation Laser Engraver

EM-Smart PC's Features

Technical Parameters of EM-Smart PC

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●Stainless steel
●Steel and hard metals
●Aluminum and anodized aluminum
●Precious metals
●Titanium and titanium alloys
●Other metals


●Poly amide (PA)
●Polycarbonate (PC)
●Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer (ABS)
●Other plastics

Other materials

●Coated wood

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