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Brand: EM-Smart          Model: One/Nova/Basic/Super/MOPA/PC          Power: 20/25/30/50/60W          Application: All Industries & Materials

EM-Smart PRO - Engraving Has Been Never So Easy

Autofocus with Touch Screen

Experience Precision Like Never Before with the Touch Screen Autofocus - Forget about manual adjustments and embrace the future with the EM-Smart PRO's innovative auto-focus function. With just a single touch, the state-of-the-art fiber laser engraver automatically detects the height of your item and adjusts accordingly. It's a seamless blend of sophistication and simplicity that will take your engraving endeavors to new heights.

LightBurn and EZCAD Compatible


Unleash Your Creativity Across All Operating Systems with EZCAD and LightBurn Support - Whether you're a Windows enthusiast, a MAC lover, or a Linux aficionado, the EM-Smart PRO has got you covered. It's equipped with dual software support for both EZCAD and LightBurn, enabling you to perform intricate engraving tasks on any OS platform. With the EM-Smart PRO, your creativity knows no bounds.

20W and 25W Options Available

Power Meets Versatility - Choose from 20W or 25W Options - With the EM-Smart PRO, you have the power to choose. Tailoring to the diverse needs of our customers, we offer both 20W and 25W laser power options. Whether you're performing precise, delicate work or tackling robust, demanding projects, the EM-Smart PRO's power variants can handle it all. It's the perfect blend of potency and adaptability you need in your laser engraving endeavors.

The First EM-Smart with Autofocus Function

It's Born for Small Businesses

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●Stainless steel
●Steel and hard metals
●Aluminum and anodized aluminum
●Precious metals
●Titanium and titanium alloys
●Other metals


●Poly amide (PA)
●Polycarbonate (PC)
●Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer (ABS)
●Other plastics

Other materials

●Coated wood

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