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Laser marking or engraving on stone allows for a wide range of design possibilities. Names, patterns, structures, and logos can all be permanently marked or engraved. A laser marking or engraving equipment can even mark or engrave detailed photographs and graphics. The contactless and therefore wear-free processing without exerting pressure on the material can save running costs on tools. A clean, waste-free procedure is ensured by removing little or no material.

Why laser marking stone?

Stone marking and engraving are processes that involve marking/engraving images or messages on stones using laser technology. It is a unique, modern and stylish concept of stone marking that is widely used for gifting and other decorative purposes. Stone marking/engraving is done with the help of specialized stone marking/engraving machines based on different types of stones and materials like wood, polymer, glass, marble, acrylic are carved with the help of specific techniques.

2 Types of Laser Engraving Stone

  • Laser etching mainly for slates, tiles and bricks. Such materials react with white color when lasered, which gives a naturally contrasted result.
  • Deep laser engraving: marble, granite, basalt, lava stone, natural stone, pebbles, ceramic, porcelain, and black granite, will give a non-contrasted or slightly contrasted result.

Stone Samples Done with EM-Smart

marble mark
slate engraving

What Do You Want to Mark?

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