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xTool F1 vs. Fiber Laser Machines: Which is Right for You

Explore our detailed comparison of xTool F1 and the fiber laser engraving machine, including hands-on testings on various materials and practical buying tips based on your needs and budget. Find out which laser engraver suits your projects best, and watch a helpful video comparison for more insights.

Technical News
MOPA Fiber Lasers 101: A Comprehensive Introduction for Beginners

Learn everything about MOPA fiber lasers. You will discover what MOPA is, MOPA vs. fiber lasers, how to select the ideal MOPA fiber laser engraver, and more FAQs on MOPA lasers.

Technical News
A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Rotary in LightBurn for Galvo Lasers

Setting up a rotary attachment in LightBurn for your Galvo laser requires ensuring compatibility, understanding the configuration, and meticulously setting parameters. With careful preparation and practice, you'll be able to expand your engraving projects seamlessly to include a variety of cylindrical objects.

Technical News
How to Set up LightBurn for Your MOPA laser?

Setting Up LightBurn for MOPA Fiber Lasers: A Comprehensive GuideNavigating the world of laser engraving and etching can be challenging, particularly when transitioning to sophisticated equipment like a MOPA fiber laser. LightBurn software is a beacon of hope for laser enthusiasts, offering a user-f

Technical News
With 26 years' laser industry experience, EM-Smart has been committed to designing and manufacturing portable laser marking machines as well as developing innovative laser solutions for a wide range of industries.



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