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Why You Should Have An EM-Smart Laser Machine?

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Laser marking machines are useful in the production stage of many industries. Whatever your company is looking for in a laser machine, EM-Smart can always suit your needs. EM-Smart laser machines are precise, fast, and high quality, allowing you to create laser marks easily. Ranked high on the list of laser manufacturers, you can rely on EM-Smart to deliver on a machine for your needs as fast as it’s well known.

1. Precision

Precision is important when it comes to purchasing a laser marking machine. EM-Smart lasers are incredibly precise (The repeat accuracy of EM-Smart is able to reach to ±0.01mm), making fine marks and designs on a range of materials from metal to plastics. Whatever design you have in mind for laser marking, the right machine is somewhere in our collection of EM-Smart. EM-Smart’ high level of usability is another advantage, and they consistently perform to the high standards of our customers.

2. Permanence

Laser marking is well-known for its long-term durability, and EM-Smart’s marking machines are no exception. These machines are capable of producing long-lasting barcodes or wedding cards. The marks left behind are permanent and will not fade even when exposed to chemicals. EM-Smart laser marking machines will create a result that is permanent and unalterable, whether you are seeking the ability to survive a variety of situations or durability for memory’s sake.

3. Speed

Laser marking is known to be a time-consuming process without the correct machine. EM-Smart machines are quick to give the end result you’re looking for. The speed of the fiber can be modified to meet the needs of your business. All of the machines manufactured are capable of producing results in a short amount of time. To be specific, both EM-Smart One and EM-Smart Basic can mark at the speed of 7000mm/s.

4. Quality

Our laser marking machines are all of the highest calibers. This means that the end outcome can be adjusted to what you want as a business. The machines have a 100,000-hour lifespan and will continue to manufacture high-quality output during their tenure with your company. We adapt to modern industry advances with these high-quality machines, which may provide you with the most up-to-date designs and processes for your well-known firm.

5. Range

The EM-Smart machines are all of the highest quality to fit the industries we serve. Simply ask one of our professionals, and they will be able to tell you which of our equipment is perfect for your needs. We have a machine in stock that can perform the job for you, whether you need ease of use or extra-precise lasers. Our organization knows how to keep up with the latest advances in laser marking, welding, and cutting because we’ve been in the industry for over 20 years.

6· Versatility

It marks the material without making any physical contact with them which is a great advantage because it can work on various kinds of surfaces and also on a wide range of materials like metal, plastic, coated wood, rubber, slate, leather, stone, etc.

This is important, as many of the industries that it operates in don’t only use one type of material, or even one type of metal or plastics.


7. Application

As well as being apt at working with a range of materials, EM-Smart is also perfect when it comes to its various applications.

So far, we have already got many customers worldwide (see EM-Smart's Users on the World Maps from 3Plasers's Home Page) who are from all walks and industries like the pet store, hardware shop, workshop, gift shop, souvenir store, etc.


8· Reliability

With a one-time investment, EM-Smart gives you the satisfaction of permanent marking, hassle-free performance, freedom to switch between the designs, and low production cost. With a little know-how and experimenting, it can run for years with little maintenance. It works on very low power. It is controlled via a computer and hence no manual intervention is required, once the required data is fed into it. Cooling and Exhaust systems are also pre-installed, giving EM-Smart an extra privilege to work in exhaustive and robust environmental conditions too.

9· Efficiency

As the entire process is automated, therefore only one or two users are required, just to feed the initial data into the machine via EM-Smart’s marking software EZCAD Lite. Rest is taken care of automatically. This reduces the manpower required to a great extent and hence is quite efficient in terms of cost. The initial installation cost may seem a bit high, but once you install it, it can run at almost negligible inputs.


With a high marking speed of 7000mm/s and a high precision of ±0.01mm, EM-Smart is One machine that produces output with almost insignificant input. The most you need to run it is a small amount of power. That’s all. No external tools are required except a computer. It has got a high marking speed and great marking quality.


Is the laser engraving business profitable? This is a question asked by many who are eager to enter this business.

Laser engraving is a great way of adding value to otherwise bland objects. Value addition is one of the easiest ways of charging a premium for products. People naturally gravitate towards personalized items and they won’t mind spending more on such items. You can easily buy a piece of jewelry, add customized and durable engravings on it and sell it for a lot more than you would without the engraving. Suffice it to say that laser engraved items will give you very good margins.
Businesses have never had it simple when it comes to purchasing a laser marking machine, but we are confident that this EM-Smart laser machine will help you boost your current business or even start a new career.

With 26 years' laser industry experience, EM-Smart has been committed to designing and manufacturing portable laser marking machines as well as developing innovative laser solutions for a wide range of industries.



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